Adoption of digital learning resources in teaching labs: A varied state of play

First year teaching labs have variable digital learning provisions among UK universities, according to a Learning Science survey of delegates at ViCE-PHEC 2017 in York, a leading conference in chemistry and physics higher education teaching.

Science & Education News Digest: July 2017

Welcome to Learning Science’s News Digest for July 2017.

This month we learned about potential new changes to TEF and the pay-packets of vice-chancellors, and the finalists of the Global Higher Education Excellence Awards.

We cover a study on the thinking processes of chemistry students, and a report on how students feel before uni vs during or after. There is news, although it’s not entirely new, that the proportion first-class degrees is greatly increasing at some institutions.

In science, it appears that frogs benefited greatly from the event that killed off the non-avian dinosaurs, and we discover a “charming” new particle.

Science & Education News Digest: June 2017

Welcome to Learning Science’s News Digest for June 2017.

There’s been some moving and shaking since our last News Digest. There’s a new parliament, after a bit of a delay and much ongoing debate. The TEF Year 2 results have also been announced, also after a bit of a delay and much ongoing debate!

Jisc reports findings of a 22,000-strong survey of students and their use of digital learning at their institutions.

We also look at the connection between birds’ egg and wing shape, and how drones could be replanting a forest in the next few years.

Science & Education News Digest: May 2017

Welcome to Learning Science’s News Digest for May 2017.

This month we’re talking tuition fees, top tips for digital learning, and student resilience among other things.

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10 Science & Tech Discoveries that are 10 Years Old (Like Us!)

2007 was a big year for Learning Science - it was the year we came into existence! It’s now been a full 10 years of science, technology and education here at LearnSciHQ, the perfect opportunity to both celebrate and reflect.

We’ve planned a series of articles for the coming weeks and months on the past, present and future of our favourite topics: science, technology and education. For example - how has e-learning changed in the last ten years? What myths have been debunked? And what could be the future of Higher Education?

But for now, here’s 10 of our favourite science & tech news stories from 2007: the year of our founding.

Science & Education News Digest - April 2017

Welcome to Learning Science’s News Digest for April 2017.

There’s more change on the horizon in British politics as April saw Theresa May call a snap election for June. This could have implications for the Higher Education Bill – forcing it through or killing it off completely.

We consider how bots, drones and trackers could become an integral part of campus life, and how laptops in lectures, especially of the 9 am variety, could be hindering student learning.

New research announced this month include studying the smartness of squid, how viruses could purify water, and destroying the new polymer £5 note - in the name of science!