Learning Science Sponsors Biosciences E-learning Workshop

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of an e-learning training event hosted by The Biochemical Society in London on Monday 20th March 2017.
The theme of this one-day workshop for HE educators is “Using e-learning to improve student engagement in the biosciences”. It will introduce and explore e-learning methods and technologies available to improve student engagement within physical and virtual classrooms.

Science & Education News Digest: Jan 2017

Each month we’ll feature a selection of news pieces, articles and blogs from across the Internet. We’ll be focussing on three hot topics: News from the Education (particularly Higher Education) sphere, education and tech innovations or studies that caught our eye, and other aspects of student life today.

Our guest topic this month is New Year, New Education? What is predicted to change in 2017... and what should change (in the opinion of one academic)?

Case study - Bristol ChemLabS

Bristol ChemLabS, a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the University
of Bristol’s School of Chemistry, had the vision to bring innovation to their undergraduate laboratory courses.

Learning Science helped the ChemLabS team to explore available technologies and establish the scope of what could be achieved. We worked closely with Bristol to create a
cutting edge online tool; transforming teaching and learning across the entire  undergraduate syllabus.

Mid-winter ruminations on meaningful assessment feedback.

It’s that time of year again: the students are back and embarking on the next stage of their academic programme and it’s all too easy for both staff and students to feel somewhat jaded after the Christmas and New Year break.  But for me, this is a time to reflect and to gear up for the year ahead. So, I’ve been thinking lately about the challenges we face in university assessment and ways we might overcome them for everyone’s benefit.