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Before the lab

Supported and actively engaged

Working confidently and safely

Demonstrating understanding and awareness

The challenge

Too often, students arrive unprepared for lab sessions and have little opportunity to actively learn about the practicals they are about to perform. This can lead to a lack of confidence in the lab and a tendency for experiments to become ‘recipe-following’ exercises.

Staff time is often spent helping students get up to speed with the basic set-up and technique rather than supporting their understanding of why things are done and the underlying theory. This can result in increased time pressures, student frustration and a lack of engagement with the practical sessions.

The solution

Students access a variety of interactive resources including problem-solving activities and hands-on practice simulations which are highly effective in preparing them for the lab. These activities can easily be customised to match experiments closely and can be assigned for completion before the practical session begins.

Students arrive at the lab well prepared and ready to work confidently and safely. Time in the lab is used more efficiently, maximising engagement and performance.

After the lab


Immediate, personalised feedback

Consistent grading


Cuts out repetitive manual marking

The challenge

As student numbers rise, staff time is increasingly dedicated to manually grading lab reports and checking calculations, leading to a heavy marking workload. Lengthy delays in providing feedback mean that students are less likely to engage with the content of the post lab and take on board the comments and guidance offered in the feedback. Furthermore, students often complain that marking is not consistent between graders which undermines their confidence in the process.

Up to now, learning technology for lab assessments has been of limited usefulness; lacking the functionality to fully handle different grading requirements and unable to incorporate the students' own data into calculations.

The solution

Students are assigned an online lab report developed using Learning Science’s ‘Smart Worksheet’ technology. These automatically graded assignments allow students to use their own data from the lab, and can assess intermediate steps and final answers.

All of the questions and grading rules can be configured for each experiment to match staff requirements, and students benefit from detailed, personalised, immediate feedback as they progress.

The autograded calculations can be combined with a range of question types to create each assignment. This means that staff have the flexibility to assign and manually mark free text and essay style questions, while the repetitive calculation marking is automatically handled quickly and consistently.


Solutions that match your teaching

You won't have to adapt your teaching to our solution. Our advanced resources can be fully customised to match your teaching goals and grading requirements exactly.


Needs Analysis

We have in-depth understanding of the challenges you face in developing courses for the new generation of science students. As learning technology specialists in teaching labs, we can help you identify the best solutions to support and meet the individual needs of your students.

Custom Solution

Sophisticated resources can be customised to match your experiments, equipment and procedures so that they enhance rather than replace what you are currently doing. They are easily embedded into your VLE to provide a seamless, blended learning experience for your students.

Continued Support

We'll support you throughout the academic year to ensure that your courses run smoothly and successfully. Your learning resources will always be current and up-to-date thanks to our ongoing programme of innovation and development.